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Be Effective In Your Cross-border Business Relocation

Our IKOLs (industrial key-opinion-leader) are from "5" Top-sectors, distinguish market environment and differentiate target group expectations, thus, strategize your business in the cross-border market.

(Creative, Science-Tech & Lifestyle, F&B, Healthcare&Beauty, Service in Trade)


Based in the Netherlands; Encompassing Europe; Connecting China

CityLight has helped companies strategize and implement their creative visions. Our growing Creative Marketing Agency is driven by passionate experts who work closely with each brand to create online-offline interactive marketing strategies (IKOL Knowledge Program, MCN Content Campaign, Social Medica Product Testing, etc.) that produce unparalleled results and will ensure your business thrives on international opportunities.

What We Do

Through IKOL and MCN solutions, we create interactive marketing tools

Stimulating Creativity

CityLight initiates, manages, executes IKOL and MCN solutions. We facilitate your business development at different phases in the aspects of project orientation, IP transaction, brand interaction, and sales campaign in the competitive industries in both China and Europe markets.

Lighting Up The Future

CityLight bridges cultural communication and economic cooperation in the respects of 5 top-sectors between China and Europe. We aim to become a leading role in influencing industry changes, bolster urban city development and solve social challenges.

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